Recovery on the Road: Preparing for The Temptations of Travel

Great insight for those in recovery

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For those in recovery, temptations can skyrocket in times of travel. Away from home, addicts experience anonymity and lack of structure that can be detrimental for the unprepared traveler. One simple strategy for trips is to create a effective tool called the Travel Kit. In his article about “Creating a Travel Kit“, sex addiction specialist Floyd Godfrey explains why and how those in recovery can strengthen their travel experience. In addition to using a Travel Kit, it is recommended that those in recovery remain faithful to their structures of self-care and accountability, remembering that “while there is an obvious vacation from regular schedules and responsibilities, there is never a vacation from essential recovery routines.

Taking responsibility for one’s recovery on the road is not only helpful for the traveler, but also “creates safety” for partners who remain at home. It can relieve their anxiety, knowing…

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Dear Porn: A Father’s Letter

One of the most important messages of our time….as we prepare for Father’s Day

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Please take a moment to read and SHARE this powerful challenge to all fathers to fight to protect children from pornography. I had the privilege of writing this piece for the Porn Proof Kids Blog and I believe it can make an incredible impact in our world.

As written in my letter to porn, “May we rouse to the reality of your attack before we wake to the devastation of an addicted generation. You are in hot pursuit of our youngest members and we cannot stand idly by watching the carnage.”

Will you help us spread this message to every father?

Click here to read “Dear Porn: A Father’s Poignant Plan to Protect His Kids

Happy Father’s Day from LifeSTAR of the Central Valley!

-Written by Forest Benedict, MA, SATP-C, LMFT, Clinical Director of LifeSTAR of the Central Valley (and YouthSTAR). If you benefited from this…

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Mountain Therapy Expedition for Christian Men with Dr Todd Frye – July 10-13

hiking-691846_1280“He went up upon the mountain… and His disciples came to Him”

Matthew 5:1

Looking for a life-changing adventure this summer? Join Dr Todd Frye on this therapeutic backpacking expedition for Christian men through the Maroon Bells Wilderness.

Dr. Todd Frye, PhD, LCPC, LCMFT, NCC of Mid America Nazarene University will conduct 8
Trailside therapy sessions. Sessions are intended to explore and expand individual capacities in 3 major life areas: Spiritual, Physical and Emotional. Participants will receive group and individual therapy using a variety of cutting edge counseling techniques. Trekkers will also have opportunities for journaling, reflection, sharing, prayer, collaboration, team-building, trust-building and self-exploration.

4 Passes Backpacking Loop in the Maroon Bells Wilderness area outside Aspen, Colorado.

Click here for application and additional information:

Backpacking Therapy Expedition