Was the Son of God a Father?

Have you heard the news stories that claim that Jesus was married with children?

To be honest, I never believed them or gave them a third thought.

I knew that the Biblical evidence was lacking so I shrugged it off.

But this morning as I read my Bible, I was shocked to see that I’ve been wrong to jump to false conclusions.

To my surprise, there is evidence that Jesus did have a son, afterall!

In fact, it appears as though his son was not biological but was adopted, which fits with the Biblical narrative of God’s love for widows and orphans.

Before you close your computer, I invite you to judge for yourself.

The proof is not in the scripture itself but actually in the heading of a Luke 7 passage,

which reads:

“Jesus Raises a Widow’s Son”….

As an adoptive father myself, today I’m even more proud to be a follower of Jesus.

-By Forest Benedict

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3 thoughts on “Was the Son of God a Father?

  1. Haha! “Raises”… Thanks for that.


  2. That’s funny. It took me twice to read through that to get it. Have a good one.


    1. Thanks for commenting. Yeah, I wasn’t sure if the humor would come through or not but I’m glad you got it. I had someone else read it through a second time too 🙂


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