The Gift of Gratitude

A couple months ago I lost a dear friend to cancer. Nothing stirs up questions about life like the death of a loved one. It left me with questions about suffering and spirituality. It taught me many lessons as well. The lesson that rises to the surface of significance for me is the lesson of gratitude. I realized that safety and a painless existence are not guaranteed. Tragedies happen, even to those we least expect, including ourselves. Amazing moments happen too. This is life. We can resent life for not giving us what we expected.

We also have a profound opportunity to be grateful for every moment.

The happy moments are gifts. The sad moments remind us we’re alive and there’s still a purpose for us on this earth.

Today, may we take the time to be grateful for this moment, whether it is soaked in suffering or meaningful and memorable. May every day be a day of Thanksgiving, so that we can experience the joy that’s possible, being grateful for each breath that reminds us we’re alive.

I am grateful for you. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I hope you found some inspiration and hope here.

-Written by Forest Benedict, originally posted on the LifeSTAR blog.

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