They Shall See God

This morning as I walked to work, I asked God to speak to me. Sauntering down the sidewalk, I scanned the scenery. I stopped, struck with the beauty of a lone pine tree, whose reflection peered at me from a nearby puddle. Its beauty was wrinkled by the wind. Miniature waves rippled over the shallow plane. Then in a brief moment the wind was muted. The reflection lay undisturbed and I saw the exquisite image in its authentic attractiveness. The verse glided into my awareness, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”. I thought about how, like little stones, my sins send ripples across the watery canvas that portrays the image my Creator. The fears I feed, the projections I pitch, and the indiscretions I indulge are pebbles that disturb that pristine picture of my Father. Tears came to my eyes as I heard Him whisper, “How I long for you to see me as I truly am.” Would that not change everything?

-By Forest Benedict

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5 thoughts on “They Shall See God

  1. Wonderful words my friend.


  2. Really appreciate the imagery and metaphor of this story. Thanks for listening to the Father and for passing on what you heard.


    1. Thanks for sharing Rick. I’m blessed to hear that you were blessed by the imagery, as I was. Feel free to pass this on to anyone else who would benefit.


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