Deeper than Distractions

God has led me to a therapy group that feels uniquely crafted for me. As my readers, those I worked with, and loved ones know, I am passionate about attachment and connection, especially as it relates to the spiritual realm. So, to participate in a therapy group led by a highly knowledgeable attachment therapist, who is also a Christian, is a distinct honor. Putting words to it now, my heart swells with gratitude for the gift of playing a role in this group, not as the leader, but as an eager participant.

A time of Centering Prayer begins our sessions. In these intentionally quiet times, I allow God’s voice to speak and He often guides me through powerful pictures that beckon me to new levels of connection, trust, and growth. Yesterday was no exception.

As I closed my eyes I was transported to the ocean. I saw two distinctly different realities.

The first was above the surface. Over the waves were the distractions of the world: the busy boats and hedonistic happenings. A lifetime worth of entertainment and energy sappers.

The second reality was below the water. I saw myself diving into the depths, despite the sharks and uncertainties, down to the ocean floor. There lay a polished pearl and glimmering gold. In that watery underworld awaited adventures and untapped riches.

And I got the sense that I could squander the remaining years in my human skin, seeking the priorities and pleasures of this world, while deep intimacy with God lay dormant and undiscovered.


With passion, I pray, may I not miss the miracle of encountering life’s true Treasure! Father, allow in my heart a hunger for solitude with my Savior that dwarfs all desires for distractions. May I make the time to marinate in Your lavishing love.

After experiencing this vision, I went back and re-read my Treasure Seekers article. God has revealed this lesson to me before. Yet, I am stubborn and highly distractible. So human. Yet He continues to call my name.

Today I choose to dive deeper. Practically, this will mean trading for time with Him, turning to Him in temptation, and tuning into Him when stress and sorrows overwhelm. He has reminded me that everything I “give up” to be with my Creator will be worth the investment. In fact, as I choose Him, I will find that I am not “giving up” anything, in light of the glories that are gained (Mark 10:39-30).

Will you dive with me today?

Riches await.

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