Falling into the Everlasting Embrace

Part of the human experience is the reality that not every day is our best day. Sometimes we “fall apart”. Some days we feel disconnected from ourselves. We don’t always have the courage to move forward with boldness and strength. Some moments, pain pours out of us uncontrollably.

How we respond to ourselves in those moments is paramount. We can lash out against ourselves in self-punishment or criticism. We can run to distractions and temporary pleasures. Or we can fall into God’s empathetic arms, look into his compassionate eyes, and listen to his calming voice.

Maybe you’re having a day like that today, when all you have the strength to do is fall into His embrace. I wonder if his words to you now would be something like this:

“My Child, know that I’m with you today. Know that I care. Know that my heart aches with your heart. I am right here with you. Holding your hand. No need to reach to that which does not satisfy, that leaves you lifeless, hurting, and wanting. Climb into my arms, my warm embrace. Rest here. Know that I cherish such moments with you, when you humble yourself and cry out in your neediness to Me, trusting that I will run to you in your distress. No lectures. No rejection. No condemnation. No shaming. No criticism. Just comfort, connection, and reassurance. Stay here as long as you need to.”

May the music, lyrics, and imagery of this song remind you that “The everlasting God is your place of safety and his arms will hold you up forever” (Deuteronomy 33:27a).

May we call out to Him in our pain, grief, doubt, weakness, and imperfection, knowing that God’s “ears are attentive” to our cry (Psalm 34:15).

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