Exercise: Good for the Body, Great for the Brain

Here’s a practical article I wrote for LifeSTAR that explains how exercise changes the brain, strengthening recovery.

LifeStar of the Central Valley Blog

We are all looking for that “miracle” experience that will infuse us with the power to reach our goals. For those striving to attain seemingly impossible achievements, such as recovering from an addiction, finding “recovery boosters” will be an essential part of the journey. Exercise is one of those powerful recovery tools, with multiple benefits.

In our sexual addictionfood addiction treatment programs, exercise is one of the “Dailies” (daily habits) we recommend. Dr Kelly McGonigal’s video entitled “Brain Science – A Miracle Cure For Willpower” provides an excellent explanation of how exercise is helpful for those in recovery. In the video, Dr McGonigal describes exercise as a “willpower miracle”, based on the current science. We all know that exercise has positive effects on us physically and emotionally. But as this video explains, exercise has a significant effect on us neurologically as well.

In our popular article on

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