The Nutrition/Addiction Connection

Image As someone who both works in the addiction recovery field and values a healthy lifestyle, I have often thought about the connection between nutrition and addiction/recovery. Thankfully, I have come across some resources along the way but the one I found tonight is especially helpful. If you or someone you love is battling addiction, these articles will be a valuable resource. PLEASE NOTE: This information is not medical or nutritional advice but is intended to be a springboard into the reader’s personal research. I hope you find this helpful and share it with those who will benefit.
“Proper food and nutrition are essential in a recovery program as they keep the body and brain strong and functioning properly. Many biochemical and health problems can be diminished by changing food habits and food choices. In fact, changing food choices can be beneficial to most Americans, many of whom consume too many carbohydrates and sugar and not enough nutrient-dense foods.”
For the 50 page report that explains the connection further, click here:
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