Listening Journal – Divine Radiance

In my last article called “Moving Beyond Belief: Cultivating Connection with a Responsive God”, I shared about the practice of listening to God and writing what I sensed him saying to me. One of these days he shared the following message with me. I think these words are for all of us and I hope you find it encouraging, as I did.

“My Child, in my presence, all fear is gone. Let my soft, kind voice resonate with the beat of your heart. Let my arms wrap around your quivering frame. Let my Spirit speak life into your weary soul. You need me and that’s totally okay. In fact, I designed you to need me. There’s a reason why time away from the Source makes your energy fade. I am your Source and I fill you in a way that nothing else can or will. Yet, I see you so often seeking the attention and reassurance that sin gives you and it breaks my heart. I think, “that will never satisfy you, you’re chasing after the wind” and it saddens me. I grieve to see you running so intently after nothing. Worse than nothing, running after destruction just to feel better for a moment.

Life with me is not like that. In life with me, you grab hold of something that’s there. And you’re grabbed back by Someone who cares. And if you let yourself, you feel my love melt into your heart. You sit in my radiance and it warms and tans your skin. That stays with you. And it’s the reason you come. Not just for the experience but for how the experience changes you. Ask the lepers. When I healed them, they were never the same. I am doing that kind of healing work in you. Come to me and let me touch your skin, let me caress your face, let me look into your eyes, let me tell you who you are. You’ll never be the same.”

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4 thoughts on “Listening Journal – Divine Radiance

  1. I’m glad you found it encouraging. It’s something I need to keep hearing too.


  2. Thanks for sharing this Forest. It was something I needed to hear.


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